What a great Denver event!
and thank you to all who participated!



Here is a little taste of the message

'Living the Essence of your Story'


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 And visit the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality where Jonathan Ellerby PhD, and the entire community,
will great you like they greeted me, with open hearts and open minds

altheacenter.org for schedule of meditation, service, lunch and workshops


Come to the Omega Institute and meditate with me!
August 24th-September 1

And plenty of time to get ready....
Join us for another retreat
in Ecuador!

Filled with adventure... meditation.. culture... and more! August 16-24th....
AmazonAndesSky.com for all the juicy details


It is an honor to hand the baton of Vibrance! Natural Living Festival to a woman of great integrity and vision, Tanya Siejhi-Eberhardt of Healsci, Inc. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the festival over the years, thank you for your love and your passion, keep on shining! And let's stay in touch!


"For those of you who know Kimberly, you know her passion to unite community. Through her gift of intuitive intelligence she has set a vibrant presence in Sarasota and will continue to do so from afar. We will all miss her yet know that her energy will continue to be present in Sarasota through various outlets. Thank you Kimberly for laying out the ground work for this grand event. I look forward to a continued friendship with you and your extended Vibrant family. www.vibrancesrq.com and www.healsci.com ..." Tanya .

TEDx Sarasota

Keynote Talks

Philosophy on Tap

Mary Masi, a woman of great artistic inspiration and expression has stepped forward to carry our open mic forum at Growlers forward!

Contact her at:
Mary.Masi@gmail.com for all the juicy details.

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