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Life is all about coming home to ourselves, our fullest, richest, happiest and most peace-filled self! My path is all about facilitating this experience. It ever evolves from Carmelite nun, to ministry staff, to facilitator of many classes, workshops and retreats.

Now it has evolved again into the shape of author and speaker, hoping to speak a word of inspiration and let you touch Source within. You can also make a date today for yourself....private spiritual direction sessions are a massage for the soul.

New Inspiration for 2016

Upcoming events!

Meditation Immersion. 4 week series. Starts the first Sunday of the month 2-4pm. 
The series will include: meditation, techniques to build your practice and ability to live life with greater presence, and exploration of the hidden aspects of the self that come forward when we are present.

The Akathist: Divine Feminine Chant. March 27th 6-8pm.
This chant experience is an adaptation of a 6th century orthodox service in honor of Theotokos (Mary as God-bearer)
We are all God-bearers and this evening will celebrate and ignite this innate spiritual divine feminine quality.
Space is limited, registration recommended

Subtle Energy Retreat. April 22-24th San Diego. Join me and an extraordinary group of individuals all living and exploring healing and adventure in the realms of subtle energy. Click here for more details.

Essence Meditation Weekend April 29th and 30th
Friday: Meditation/chant Immersion 7-9pm  10.00
Saturday: Retreat Day 8-3pm 40.00 (includes Friday, light refreshments and recording of the program.)
   optional lunch: add 10.00
RSVP:, 941-284-3036
607 Oak Knoll Terrace, Rockville MD

Meditation Faculty at The Omega Institute, Rhinebeck, NY
August 28-September 9th

Join me for a dip into the deliciousness found in fullness in silence

Therese's Little Way of Confidence. September 30-October 1st. 
Therese is a remarkable saint breaking open the experience of God's Love as an infininte source of happiness in every single, seemingly small moment of life. The event will be an immersion of her spunky, wise spirit. Living Insights will host this event...It is the perfect venue for  many miracles happen there on a daily basis through the Presence her statue provides and devotion to her as a gateway to healing. Click here for directions

September 30th Vigil of Therese's Feast Day  7-9pm
*Vespers and Matins culled from her feast day liturgy 
*Special Reading from her last letters (she passed this night)
*A few words of inspiration from Kimberly
*Recitation of her Oblation to Merciful Love
October 1st Therese's Feast Day
8am Lauds culled from her Feast day liturgy (free and open to the public-downstairs)
9-3pm Retreat upstairs---Therese's Little Way of Confidence and Love
      9-10:30  Presentation and inspirational talk
      10:30-10:45 break
      10:45-11:15 questions pulled from Therese's writings for group share
      11:15-Noon  Continue presentation
      Noon-1pm Bag Lunch 
      1-2:00 Continue presentation
      2-2:15 Break
      2:15-2:45 Open q and a
      2:45-3 Special closing chant by Kimberly

3:30 Vespers and blessings (downstairs open to the public)

September 30th Evening Liturgy  10.00
October 1st retreat: 25.00
Both: 30.00
*The retreat will be recorded for all attendees to take home

RSVP recommended contact Jack Sisk at Living Insights: 314-721-4455




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